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Techniques of solving Sudoku

Here are some techniques on how to solve Sudoku. To be honest, the problems on this website do not require complicated techniques, but I researched them anyways for myself, gathering information from websites in and out the country.
There are many websites with Sudoku techniques I look at, but some of them are too hard to understand by just looking. I need to color the boxes step by step to understand it, so I will keep working on that.
But as the techniques got more difficult, I was not able to understand it at all.
Furthermore, you only use such techniques for really difficult questions, so maybe I need to apply them to harder ones. Anyways, to make more difficult problems, I need to make the program smarter by teaching it harder techniques, but installing these techniques into the program seems extremely difficult. Regardless, I want to find a way and come up with a much harder problem.

Difficult question

But if they are all difficult, it’s no fun. I think people like easy puzzles too, so as far as this website goes, I want to keep it at the current difficulty level. I’m surprised to see some people solve level 5 problems in 5 minutes... You guys are too quick... But stay tuned, I will try and come up with harder ones.

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About this website and its future

I first created the website to play Sudoku I can solve with ease. Then I made a few adjustments to make it easier for visitors to play. I am happy to see the increase in users. I want to increase contents on techniques and increase the difficulty of problems at the same time. I also see many users who enjoy easy puzzles, so I am thinking about throwing in some tips for smartphones and PCs. If you have any requests, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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