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A total of 33721 puzzles so far.

This is a free sudoku game for smartphones and web browsers. We hope you will enjoy it. It gives you seven new puzzles every day.

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Japanese Daily Sun in HAWAI.

Sudoku-Kyo’s puzzles is posted! Japanese Daily Sun

Daily Sudoku(05/25)

A sudoku game with new puzzles published every day. Go ahead and take on the challenge.

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The rules are simple. We shall explain the sudoku rules with really easy instructions using 6 images and 90 words.

How to Solve

Here we explain the method and tricks to solving the puzzles.

Sudoku problem solver program

You can make the program solve the problem. Please use them to solve difficult problems or as reference when creating your own puzzles. (When the solver can’t solve the problem, temporary place it on the two-choice box and solve)


Download sudoku puzzles and solutions. These are available for free, so feel free to print them as part of your corporate newsletters, newspapers, and the like. Please contact us first if you wish to incorporate them into a sudoku book for sale.

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2019/08/16 New Images. (AMANOHISHIDATE etc.)

2019/05/31 New Images. (HANABI etc.)

2019/04/12 New Images. (SAKURA etc.)

2018/12/18 New Images. (Arashiyama etc.)

2018/08/10 New Images. (Arashiyama etc.)

2018/06/12 New Images. (Hydrangea)

2018/05/14 New Images. (Byodoin)

2018/03/28 New Images. (SAKURA)

2018/01/05 New Images. (Kitanotenmangu Dendengu Horinji)

2017/12/05 New Images. (Tohukuji Katsura Keisokuji)

2017/11/07 New Images. (Autumn leaves)

2017/07/14 New Function. (nanpre and nanpre16)

2017/05/16 New Images. (Azalea in Keage)

2017/04/18 New Images. (Haradanien)

2017/04/14 New Images. (Path of Philosophy)

2017/04/11 New Images. (Sakura Kiyamachi Pontocho Gion)

2017/04/07 New Images. (Sakura)

2017/01/24 Speed up!

2017/01/17 New Images. (Snow Arashiyama, Snow Kinkakuji)

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