Sudoku Kyo free sudoku game

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About the moderator

Toru Takeuchi
Born June 12th, 1967
Lives in Kyoto
IT engineer related to DTP. Sometimes I do seminars.

Toru Takeuchi’s script note
I also published a book called Shinsoku InDesign

Automobile running cost
I like cars, but I’m not in love with cars. I just use it as a way to get from point A to point B. When my car broke down, I thought about changing to a light motor vehicle and calculated the running cost. I was shocked to find out how expensive it was and created a website. There you can see all sorts of different simulations.

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About Sudoku

I’m pretty hooked to Sudoku. I always play on the way to work.
There are many good Sudoku apps, but there were no websites I could play Sudoku on the browser for free, so I made one myself. I combined the Kyoto element into Sudoku because I live in Kyoto and this website is intended for users overseas as well, so I thought they would appreciate images of Kyoto. I also wanted to make the website stand out. Please continue to support my website. Thank you.


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Sudoku Kyoto(Number Place)Free Puzzle Game