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Sudoku Kyo Login

Sudoku Kyoto allows you to log in using your Google account. Although it collects login information (user ID), it does not save any personal information such as e-mail, address, name, etc.

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Google account

What you can do by logging in

What you can do by logging in to Sudoku Kyo

  • Keep records of your puzzles even when you use different PCs.
  • Synchronize your records on PCs and smartphones.
  • Check your time history by viewing your target times, as well as the total times and average times of your last 10 daily sudoku puzzles.
  • Recover all your information after a data loss.
  • Work carefully to solve sudoku puzzles 100-200

We will never send you e-mails or charge you any fees, so please feel free to try it out.


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Sudoku Kyoto(Number Place)Free Puzzle Game